Founder of The Sustainable Theatre Network, Adam Marple, was recently in conversation on Howlround for their series People, Planet, and Performance: From the Global South to the World.

Greening the theatre is crucial to the sustainability of theatre and the planet. Theatre designers such as lighting personnel, set designers, costumers, property designers, and sound engineers are rethinking and retooling for the purpose of creating a more eco-friendly, sustainable, and environmentally just and responsible theatre practice. In this episode, we bring theatre practitioners (such as designers and eco-scenographers) who are advancing sustainable artistic values in their practice. We explored how sustainability plays a significant role in creating an ecologically conscious theatre. For instance, what needs to be considered in the creative process? How does the choice of materials, the use of colors, arrangements, recycling etc. support the green movement? Furthermore, what are the challenges encountered by scenographers and designers in their attempts to construct sustainable stage? What is needed for theatre designers on the African continent to employ ecological designs for theatre performances?