How to Post

Thank you for helping to build a sustainable global theatre community. Posting content on couldn’t be simpler – just follow the 6 steps below and you’re done!

1. In the left hand menu click Post, then ‘Add New’.

2. Add a title, then simply add your text for the post. You may use the formatting options, such as bold and bullet lists. If you wish to add headings, we recommend ‘Heading 3’

3. Choose the appropriate category for the post – e.g. ‘Lighting’ or ‘Costume’

4. Add a featured image for the post. First, scroll down the page and click ‘Set featured image’. You are then redirected to the ‘Media Library’. Next, click the ‘Upload files’ button at the top and select the image from your computer you wish to use for the post.

5. Add an excerpt for the post – this is used to summarise and draw attention to the post. Simply copy the first paragraph of your post and past it into the ‘Excerpt’ section which is located just below the post text.

6. Publish the post. Use the publishing options at the top right. You may either publish the post immediately by pressing the ‘Publish’ button, or press ‘Preview’ to check your post before publishing.

That's it - your post is live.

Follow the steps below to add images and weblinks.

To add images to your post, click the ‘Add media’ button – then follow step 4 above on how to upload images. The system automatically resizes your images so they are in the correct for the internet.

To add a weblink to your posts, firstly select the text you wish to make a weblink. Next, click the weblink button, but instead of adding the web address here, click the gear icon. You are then redirected to a ‘Insert/edit weblink page where the weblink may be added. Importantly click the ‘Open link in a new tab’ checkbox, then click ‘Add Link’